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        In case you are interested in knowing what our Top 13 Best Sellers are listed here. The links will take you to the exact location where you can read more about a best-selling product. (Our Web Elf calls them "anchor links," but the rest of us Elves call them a "really nice convenience!") If you would like to know what our next seven best sellers are, please see Page 4 in our Wholesale Catalog.

        Our Top Best Seller
        Jacob's Ladder



          Jacob's Ladder (2005)


          Kazoo (5001)


          Beginning Quilting Kit (4102)


          Cup & Ball Toss Toy ~ Natural (2009)


          Children's Manners & Morals (91003)


          Quilt Pattern Cross-Stitch Bookmark (4202)


          Sleeper Yo-Yo ~ Natural (2003)


          Hand Propeller (2011)


          Nine Pins (with cloth bag) (3007)


          Make Your Own Goose Quill Pen (1005)


          Schoolhouse Chalkboard Set (1001)


          My First Tatting Kit (4002)


          Early American Playing Cards (3010)



        We Elves at Historical Folk Toys hope you will find this information useful in making your purchase decisions. Please do not hesitate to call or write us if you have any questions -- particularly if you wish to know what some of our other best sellers are!

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