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        We Elves are pleased to introduce four new items for 2009. Let's begin with our new game: Replica Toy Nine Pins (3019). We are grateful to have been able to take measurements of actual toy bowling pins at an 18th-century plantation and faithfully reproduce them. We believe your customers will want the opportunity to purchase these for their own enjoyment.

        The new toy this year is our historically based Thaumatropes (2016). We commissioned William Zimmerman ­ acclaimed illustrator of Birds of Indiana, Birds of Ohio, Birds of Illinois and other works ­ to create paintings based on two early 19th-century thaumatropes. His outstanding efforts have allowed us to offer his renditions of the famous "Bird and Cage" and traditional "Bird and Dog." Children and adults will enjoy the colorful artwork while playing with a historical toy from the past. Two blank discs are also included in the package for creating "wonder turners."

        New to our Native American line is Stone Arrowheads (6201). Our unique packaging will appeal to children, plus they are a great low-cost item! Park these cute packages near your cash register for quick impulse buying.

        Lastly, we have decided to make a permanent inclusion of the Little Bamboo Flute (5004), a compact alternative to the larger Bamboo Flute we have offered in the past.

        We hope you will try these new products and see how popular they are with your customers. By the way, we do take requests. Just let us know what your product and craft kit interests are.


        Replica Toy Nine Pins

        Little Bamboo Flute

        Stone Arrowheads

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